The Challenge of Staying Connected


In almost all domestic adoptions these days, the Adoptive Parents and Birth Parents agree that they will remain in contact. For most Adoptive Parents, that means sending updates and photos of the child once or twice each year and perhaps periodic visits. Sounds fairly easy, right? As it turns out, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Lost devices, outdated contact information, the need for boundaries and busy lives often create barriers to continued contact or lead to broken promises. 

“I’m not quite ready yet to see pictures of my son. Will you hold on to them for me until I am?”

 “We want to keep our promise to stay in touch, but our emails keep bouncing back.”

 “I know my daughter’s Adoptive Parents mean well, but their updates are either late or don’t come at all.”

“I lost my phone and now all of the pictures of my son are gone.”

 “Our son’s birth mother sent me a friend request on Facebook. Should I accept it?

Now, there is a solution…


AdoptConnect allows Adoptive Parents and Birth Parents to exchange information quickly, easily and confidentially.

“We invited our child’s birth mom to view our photos and updates through AdoptConnect. Now we don’t have to worry about whether she’s actually receiving our communications.  We simply login, post the update and upload photos.  It’s all there, ready for her to access when she wants to.”

“With AdoptConnect, I can access updates from my child’s family in my own time, when I’m truly ready.”

”I appreciate receiving the AdoptConnect reminders. I would feel awful if we ever forgot to send an update.”

“AdoptConnect has given me a digital record of my child’s life! I love being able to go back to the beginning and see how much he’s grown, how much he’s loved.”

“Having a secure place to connect has taken the pressure off our relationship. It’s nice to have a way to communicate privately, outside of mainstream social media.”