Here at AdoptConnect, we are all about promoting and encouraging open adoptions. That’s exactly why we created AdoptConnect in the first place—to make it really easy and safe for adoptive families to stay connected to their respective birth families. We created this platform with the hopes of taking the stress and struggle out of post-adoption contact. We strongly value the relationships between the triad members and believe it is almost always best for the child when an adoption remains open.


Considering that reality, enter: the AdoptConnect Marketplace. The Marketplace is an offshoot of AdoptConnect because it is another unique way to promote connection between triad members. ‘But how?’, you may be asking yourself. Well, our vision is for the AdoptConnect Marketplace to be your gift-giving central. We have thoughtfully put together an assortment of high-quality adoption-inspired goods with you in mind! We believe that the act of gift-giving is a representation of a loving, committed relationship. When we give one another thoughtful gifts, it really is an expression of love that sometimes can’t quite be expressed through words. And on top of that, adoption can be a very emotion-laden subject that can be hard to talk about, so we want the Marketplace to be a guide in buying thoughtful, adoption-inspired gifts.

In the AdoptConnect Marketplace, we have a wide range of products that could be great for anyone—however, we did pick out everything with the adoption triad in mind. There are children’s items, such as storybooks, stuffed animals, blankets and more. We also have a lot of items for women, like jewelry, journals, tote bags and beauty products. The Marketplace also contains many great book resources; some are specific to adoption, but others are more general and focus on encouragement, inspiration and healing. Our hope is that the AdoptConnect Marketplace will be a sacred space to allow for and help produce meaningful connection between adoptive families and birth families. A gift (such as a special necklace or keepsake box) can be a token of love that can help symbolize the bond that exists between these individuals that will never be broken. A gift like this can be cherished and can be a physical representation that the two parties are thinking of one another. Even a simple gesture like this can do wonders for the post-adoption relationship.


And, perhaps, one of the greatest features of the AdoptConnect Marketplace are its beneficiaries! That’s right, not only can you buy some great, adoption-inspired products, but your shopping also works for the greater good. We have collaborated with a few different adoptive parent and birth parent support organizations and will be donating 25% of all proceeds to them! These organizations are doing some amazing work to support adoption triad members and we are honored to partner with them. So really, it’s a win-win to shop here! You can get some great adoption triad member-approved products and do some good at the same time! It really is a no-brainer. After our launch, we will continue adding more products, so keep checking back to see what is new!


Start gifting and giving back today, shop AdoptConnect Marketplace here!