Facebook announced last week that the accounts of nearly 50 million users were breached—just another in a stream of revelations about Facebook’s vulnerability to hackers. Facebook attributes this latest breach to a new feature allowing users to upload happy birthday videos:


Of course, any company that collects so much personal data about so many individuals is going to face constant attacks from would-be hackers. This highlights the very real danger that sharing personal data through public social media poses, whether it’s a fitness app, Shutterfly, Instagram, or any other number of sites that collect personal data:  https://securityboulevard.com/2018/03/weekly-cyber-risk-roundup-myfitnesspal-breach-carbanak-leader-arrested/; https://thehackernews.com/2017/08/instagram-breach.html.


When it comes to sharing information about your family, particularly your children, it’s entirely reasonable to be a little paranoid. AdoptConnect was designed to take the risk out of online sharing of photos and updates between adoptive and birth families. Nobody wants to go back to snail mail, with its “return to senders,” trips to the post office, and the hassle of actually finding a printer that works, but creating a “private” account for sharing photos on existing public sites can expose your data to the risk of compromise. AdoptConnect is a secure way to share content because we don’t have any public settings. Period. Nothing we do is public. Of course we use DNS level filtering to prevent malicious traffic, but the real security comes from the fact that we can filter everyone out except the adoptive parents who create the account and the birth parent they invite. Our team at AdoptConnect monitors all user accounts to make sure that every account created is legitimate and properly connected with its intended connection. AdoptConnect users can rest assured that the information they share will be seen only by the individuals they choose to invite and share with. AdoptConnect remains committed to taking the stress out of staying connected.