A big part of our mission at AdoptConnect is to support both expectant and birth parents and guide them through their adoption journey. We strive to give birth mothers a voice and to spread awareness of the struggle, pain, and joy that are all a part of the process.

We want to share birth mom stories from three great organizations. These stories get at the heart of the matter — that placing a child for adoption is an act of selfless love. We are so moved and inspired by these amazing women. We hope that these blog posts and videos will be as much of an inspiration to you as they are to us:


Hope Deferred and Longing Fulfilled — Claris Health Blog

Claris Health is a Pregnancy Resource Clinic located in Los Angeles that provides support and guidance to pregnant women. The clinic offers thorough options counseling, prenatal care, resources and referrals, therapy as well as parenting, post-adoption and post-abortion support programs.


On the blog, this birth mother opens up about the toughest choice she’s ever made. Her diary tracks the emotional journey from the positive pregnancy test to her daughter’s first birthday.

“My heart feels like a 100-pound weight is crushing it, splitting it in two. Yet in the depths of my soul, I know this is the right decision for my daughter and for everyone. The smiles of my daughter’s future parents give me greater joy than I can ever put into words.”


I Love My Son —The Archibald Project

The Archibald Project is using storytelling to spark and expand a movement of people to care for orphaned and vulnerable children in creative and educated ways, in order to combat and end the global orphan crisis.


On the blog, birth mom, Shelia, writes about how placing her son for adoption was the best decision she could make for him.

“I want the world to know that I love my son, and I didn’t abandon him when I made the decision to place him for adoption. I remember talking to one of my co-workers when I was pregnant; he knew that I loved kids and wondered why I was making this decision. I told him that the decision wasn’t about me, it was about my son.”


Adrianne’s Story — Bravelove

Bravelove is a birth mother support organization and pro-adoption movement dedicated to changing the perception of adoption by acknowledging birth moms for their brave decision. Bravelove has a whole page dedicated to adoption videos and documentaries that are beautifully done and extremely moving.


Birth mom, Adrianne, is one of many who shares her story of adoption on Bravelove’s video blog. When Adrianne found out she was pregnant, she thought her life was over. She never imagined adoption being an option for her. It wasn’t until her mom placed a packet of information about adoption on her bed that she realized the pros of adoption actually outweighed the cons. Watch her video to learn about how she chose parents for her son, where their relationship is today, and who all helped her along the way.

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