The Challenge…

In almost all adoptions these days, the Adoptive Parents & Birth Parents agree that they will remain in contact. For most Adoptive Parents, that means sending updates and photos of the child once or twice each year and perhaps periodic visits.

Sounds fairly easy, right?

As it turns out, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Lost devices, outdated contact information, the need for boundaries and busy lives often create barriers to continued contact or lead to broken promises.

The Solution…

By offering a user-friendly, confidential platform where photos, videos and updates are digitally stored, AdoptConnect eliminates the typical challenges of post-adoption contact and paves the way for positive communication for years to come.


The Adoptive Parents create a password-protected account, which allows them to share unlimited photos, videos and updates with the Birth Parent(s).

AdoptConnect sends an automatic email is sent to the Birth Parent inviting her/him to create a secure login and password on adoptconnect.com in order to access the photos, updates, and videos. AdoptConnect is always free to Birth Parents.

Adoptive Parents share photos, updates, and videos by posting them on AdoptConnect. The Birth Parent receives a notification each time something new is posted. Our calendar feature sends automatic reminders to Adoptive Parents when their updates are due as well as when other important dates are approaching.